Why Would KCR Miss Prashant Kishor?TRS has employed the services of Political Strategist Prashant Kishor for 2023. He is already hiring people to start work to bring the party back to power.

Meanwhile, Prashant Kishor himself is joining the Congress party and will strive to bring the Grand old party to power in Delhi in 2024.

Congress is TRS’s rival in Telangana. Moreover, KCR repeatedly speaks about a front equidistant to Congress and BJP. So, hiring Prashant Kishor will naturally mean a conflict of interest.

TRS Working President KTR was asked about it in an interview.

“I have read in the papers that he is having consultations with Congress. We will think about it once the facts are known,” KTR said.

It has to be seen if that will ensure KCR oust PK. Congress even though is the main opposition party in Telangana is not in the race for 2023. BJP is perceived as a bigger threat.

So, KCR may not be so worried about PK’s Congress affiliation.

He is unlikely to miss the services of PK given the fact the latter has an impeccable track record in winning elections for his clients.