Why Those With Criminal History In TTD?: High CourtThe AP High Court has expressed its anger over the appointment of persons with a criminal history as board members of Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam (TTD).

It is known to our readers that BJP leader Bhanuprakash Reddy has filed a petition in the high court alleging that the Government has appointed people with a criminal history as board members.

The counsel for the petitioner today handed over the details to the bench. The court questioned the government on how it would appoint people with a criminal history as board members.

“We feel you are doing this for some benefit of yours,” the court mentioned.

The bench felt that there was prima facie evidence in the arguments of the counsel for the petitioner.

“We have allowed using TTD building as the collectorate since it is a policy decision. Members with a criminal record should not be on the governing body,” the court opined.

“We will hear the arguments of the case on April 19th and our decision will be out on the same day. There are no exceptions under any circumstances. We are adjourning the case till April 19, “the tribunal said.