YS_Jagan_Undavalli_Aruna_KumarUndavalli Arun Kumar tried his level best to pin down Ramoji Rao’s Margadarshi during YSR days but that did not happen. Undavalli was fighting those cases in the Supreme Court for years without any luck.

Jagan Government got implead in those cases and now APCID is after Ramoji Rao. For the first time, they even questioned Ramoji Rao in this case bringing cheer and pleasure to Undavalli.

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A jubilant Undavalli came before the media to express his happiness.

“Both TDP and YSR Congress are the same for me. Why should I criticize Jagan? I asked the TDP government to file an affidavit in Bifurcation cases but Chandrababu did not do. But Jagan Government did,” Undavalli said.

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Undavalli seems to be missing a simple issue here. Anyone who knows Undavalli and his bonding with the YSR family will never expect him to criticize Jagan genuinely. Further, who does not know his hatred of TDP and Chandrababu?

We all know he tries to softly criticize Jagan only to earn more credibility.

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With elections fast approaching, we will only see the real side of Undavalli in days to come.