Pawan-Kalyan-Mother-Anjana-Devi-PensionPawan Kalyan’s family members have been donating to Janasena Party to help Pawan Kalyan‘s political ambitions.

The other day, Pawan Kalyan’s mother Anjana Devi donated 1.5 Lakhs to Janasena Kaulu Raithu Sankshema Nidhi and another One Lakh to the Janasena Party.

This money is from the pension she gets due to the service of her husband, Late Venkat Rao.

Right when this news is out, there has been criticism from a section of people on social media. They are questioning why Anjana Devi despite being ultra-rich needs a pension from the government.

“This is the problem with the country. Even if the ultra-rich do not stop taking government benefits, how will the country progress?” they are criticizing.

This seems to be totally unfair argument.

The sons and grandsons of Anjana Devi may be rich but she may not be dependent on their money. She may be leading a dignified life without depending on anyone.

Like any other citizen in the country, she is entitled to Pension benefits for the services her husband rendered to the public.

In fact, pension is also some contribution of an employee himself from his salary every month.

There is nothing wrong with taking it. Letting go of such benefits is totally an individual prerogative and can not be demanded.