Why Pawan Kalyan is not contesting this election? -

The announcement of Jana Sena not contesting this election came as a big disappointment for fans and supporters. Why did Pawan Kalyan refrained from the contest? You have to be a King or King Maker to bring about a change or make an impact on Politics. The option of becoming a King is not possible forJana Sena as the time is not on their side. And coming to the next option, bargaining few seats from allies and winning them is not a big task. Pawan Kalyan can dictate terms even with handful of seats. But the real problem is Jana Sena do not have a symbol and registered party.

The candidates will contest as Independents and they can support any party of their wish. The laws applicable for people jumping parties will not be applicable for them as they are independents technically. Which means Pawan Kalyan had to protect them from willy parties for 5 years only on ethical grounds which is a very difficult task.If something of such sort happens, Jana Sena’s credibility will be at stake in Public. And the party may be well out of contention even before 2019. Simply Jana Sena will miss the fray even before entering the fray. So, Pawan Kalyan decided not to take the risk.