JanaSena_Ram_Mohan_Rao_KCRKCR is trying to make his BRS a national party. His first target outside Telangana in Andhra Pradesh and the groundwork has begun already.

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But only former Janasena leaders are meeting KCR and joining BRS.

Thota Chandrasekhar will be leading the party and he is also formerly from Janasena.

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Former Minister Ravela Kishore Babu and Former IRS officer Parthasarthy who also joined BRS along with Thota are also previously Janasena leaders.

On Wednesday, former IAS officer and Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary, Ram Mohan Rao also met KCR and he is also likely to join BRS. He was a Janasena Adviser previously.

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This looks like KCR is targeting Janasena for now. There are speculations in political circles if KCR is trying to help Jagan by decimating Janasena.