YS Jagan - Pawan Kalyan-From the last few days, we have been seen Pawan Kalyan and his Janasena leaders claiming that about 40 MLAs of Telugu Desam Party were disgruntled with the state government’s corruption and are in touch with the actor’s party.

40 MLAs support will mean that Babu’s government is gone. If those claims are to be believed, Opposition Leader, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy should immediately rush to the Assembly and give a No Confidence Motion on Chandrababu’s Government.

Obviously, the votes of those disgruntled MLAs will go against the government and it will fall. Pawan Kalyan who is suddenly feeling that Chandrababu Naidu’s government is corrupt should help Jagan in his endeavor with the MLAs who are in touch with him. It is known that Jagan is longing to become the Chief Minister since a long time.