Why Nandamuri Family Always Hates Lakshmi Parvathi?NT Ramarao was a towering personality be it in cinema or politics. He is always at the height of his popularity. But then, it will come as a big surprise to this generation and coming generation about why the Nandamuri family revolted against him in Lakshmi Parvathi’s episode

Forget about the family, even people did not revolt against Chandrababu for replacing such a towering personality. Chandrababu winning with the bumper majority in the next election is an indication.

The reason is that it is all about the hate over Lakshmi Parvathi and the damage she could cause to NTRs reputation.

Nandamuri family or many people have said what Lakshmi Parvathi did in those days which even endangered the existence of Telugu Desam Party and NT Ramaraos reputation.

We shall keep that aside and take an example that is just available.

When Jagan decided to rename NTR Health University, Lakshmi Parvathi as NTR’s widow should have at least condemned the move.

Given the situation Lakshmi Parvathi is in, we may not even expect a radical statement like Balakrishna. She should have at least placed a request like how Vallabhaneni Vamsi did.

Someone like Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad resigned in a protest, but Lakshmi Parvathi clung to the post she is having in the party and in the government.

That underlines the attitude of Lakshmi Parvathi and we may get a sense of why the Nandamuri family did not like her then.