KTR JaganA few months ago, Jagan Government had slapped sedition cases on Rebel MP Raghu Rama Krishna Raju, TV5, and ABN News Channels for making anti-Government comments. The issue has landed in the Supreme Court and we have seen the apex court coming hard for misusing Sedition to suppress dissent.

But then, it looks like the Telangana Government still wants to use ‘Sedition’ cases on Opposition. “Like Maharashtra govt booked Union Minister Rane we will also start booking cases against those making false allegations and comments,” the minister said.

“If needed, they will even be booked for sedition. Anyone who speaks against Telangana will not be spared,” the minister added. The minister is implying to use Sedition against political opponents. While he seems to have been impressed with Maharashtra Government, he may have missed what happened in the other neighboring state.

The other day, Amit Shah‘s Public meeting in Nirmal and Revanth Reddy’s in Gajwel have got huge attendance. Is the minister feeling heat about the Opposition surge in the state?