KCR-AK-Khan-meeting  Amid fears of phone tapping, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu had reviews the entire security of him. He decided to let go the Telangana Police doing duty in his close quarters and decided to replace them with Andhra Pradesh Police so as to avoid leaks and intelligence failures going further.

However Telangana government’s response to this move is stirring suspicions. Telangana government warned AP government that other state police will not have any powers in Hyderabad and any act of them while protecting Chandrababu in the capital will be mounted to normal offences when complained.

For example, Police can kill any person if they feel they are a threat to Chandrababu’s life but if AP police does that Telangana government can put cases on them and prosecute as normal citizens. Also AP Police instructions regarding the traffic control in CM Convoy routes etc will not be considered by Telangana Police. Wonder why KCR wants to force Telangana police on AP CM.