Why KCR Fired on BJP?TRS had registered a sensational victory in the Municipal Elections held recently. This is a better victory than what Jalagam Venkat Rao achieved several decades ago in the United State. Telangana Chief Minister, KCR addressed media last evening after the results are out.

On this occasion, KCR lambasted the Central Leadership on the Citizen Amendment Act and came down very heavily on BJP’s Polarization in the name of Hindu and Muslims. He announced that he is speaking to around 15 Chief Minister and will organize a meeting in Hyderabad with them in the last week of February.

If needed will have a meeting with Ten Lakh people, he announced. Even though it is not the time to talk about the CAA, KCR spoke at length about it and there may be a good reason for it. Going by the result, Congress does not look like recovering any sooner.

Even though it is very far, BJP is showing its presence in Telangana. KCR seems to be keen on nipping it in the bud and took the onslaught on BJP. The biggest problem with the BJP in Telangana is that there is no strong leadership to take on K Chandrasekhar Rao