Why Janasainiks Are Insulting Pawan Kalyan?Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Options’ have opened political debate about alliances in Andhra Pradesh. Pawan had announced that he is still looking for an alliance with BJP even though the party looks extremely tilted towards YSR Congress.

While some Janasena Supporters are rejoicing Pawan Kalyan making things difficult for TDP, some Janasena leaders are doing something really strange.

We have seen the party’s local leaders come before press and demand that Pawan Kalyan should be announced as the CM candidate by the BJP.

It looks like they have got completely clueless on this issue. Janasena is the Natural Senior partner in this alliance. It is a shame that BJP should agree to that.

Even if they agree or they do not, what impact it will have? If at all, Janasena and BJP combine that will be with negligible contribution from BJP, what is that for Janasena leaders are being so desperate?

Their desperation is only an insult to Pawan Kalyan.