YS-JaganIn a latest development, the government of Andhra Pradesh has acquired 19 new Toyota Fortuner cars for a whopping total of around Rs 16 crores.

Andhra Pradesh police have received 19 cars today. The fleet consists of 17 black coloured Fortuner vehicles and 2 white coloured ones.

Andhra Pradesh Intelligence Security Wing has taken control of the vehicles and sent them further for bullet proofing.

The top end Fortuner costs around Rs 63 lakh. 19 of these will cost Rs 11.97 crore. Bullet proofing will cost another Rs 20 lakh per vehicle, taking the tally up to Rs 15.77 crore.

What needs to be noted here is that the Jagan government already had acquired 6 new Fortuners after he was voted to power in 2019. These vehicles costed Rs 5 crore and they’ve traveled very less distance as well.

Now, the Jagan government has acquired 19 new vehicles without specifying the reason. Netizens are commenting that the YCP government is wasting public’s money on these high end cars while the state finances are already hitting the rock bottom.