Andhara Pradesh YSR Congress Local Panchayat ElectionsState Election Commissioner Nimmagadda Ramesh Kumar announced the Schedule for the Local Body Elections in Andhra Pradesh which will happen in four phases from February 5th to 17th. The Notifications for the four different phases will be out from 23rd of this month to February 4th.

As soon as the schedule is released, Andhra Pradesh Chief Secretary dashed a letter to the State Election Commissioner saying that the Government is not ready for the election with the Pandemic around. The government is also contemplating to knock the door of the Supreme Court to stall the election.

The Chief Minister is keen on having the elections only after Ramesh Kumar assigns as he feels he will not allow the Ruling Party advantage. Ramesh Kumar previously wrote to the Union Home Affairs that the Ruling Party has used brute force to ensure maximum unanimous Panchayats.

The Government recently distributed House Sites and is also gearing up to disburse Amma Vodi funds. YSR Congress should be actually happy to have Elections now. Even the Assembly Elections have happened in States like Bihar in the Pandemic. Recently Kerala had its local body Elections. It is unlikely that the Supreme Court will stall the Elections at this stage. Let us see what happens finally.