TRS high command is keenly observing the poll trends and other political developments in Seema Andhra region. The first positive point they get is the Jai Samayikya Andhra Party totally becoming insignificant. They now can clearly say that United Andhra Pradesh sentiment is not at present in the common public. It is also happy that Kiran Kumar Reddy who tried to stop bifurcation is politically killed.

Expert say TRS will not want Telugu Desam Party to form the government in AP. Once they come to the power they will try to regain strength in Telangana as well. A loss for TDP will mean that it is decimated totally due to lack of funding and other support. Also TRS high command feels that Jagan coming to power will mean that he will be busy fighting corruption cases of his own and will not concentrate on bargaining for the state interests.

This opinion of TRS are also being voiced by their Congress counterparts too. They are wishing that TDP is finished politically so that reins of Telangana will always remain between the two parties forever.