Ramoji-Rao-Sakshi-MediaAndhra Pradesh Government’s Stamps and Revenue Department raided the offices of Ramoji Rao’s Margadarshi Chit Fund for three days.

The other day, Margadarshi issued a Public statement that the government officials could not find any discrepancies in their operations and so tried to get Margadarshi managers to sign a document admitting malpractices, under the pressure of their higher-ups.

Sakshi had come up with a story making allegations that Margadarshi resorted to all sorts of illegal activities in the name of the Chit fund business.

There is no substantial evidence but made blanket allegations living to its reputation as the YSR Congress’s mouthpiece.

Interestingly, Government did not make any statement even about the raids leaving aside the findings in the raids.

The question is why Sakshi is responding on the behalf of the Government.

Political allegations by Sakshi or YSR Congress do not really matter here because we have seen even law enforcement agencies file cases based on political vendetta and later lose them in courts.