Sajjala Ramakrishna ReddyYCP has a strange strategy in Andhra Pradesh. On one side, YCP chief YS Jagan keeps throwing open statements, saying his party will win all 175 MLA constituencies no matter when the elections come.

But on the other hand, his party troops sing a completely different song that is nowhere near Jagan’s public display of confidence.

Today, Sajjala Ramakrishna said Pawan is acting with the script given by Chandrababu. He challenged Pawan and TDP to announce if they are contesting separately or together in next election. He ridiculed the truce between the two parties.

If Jagan and Co. really is so very confident about winning all 175 constituencies in 2024, why does it matter if Pawan’s JanaSena goes alone or if it joins hands with TDP? If YCP is so confident about winning all the MLA constituencies, why are they bothered about the other parties? A netizen tweeted.

The common opinion on social media is that – YCP displays the confidence of winning 175 constituencies and the very same party again seems scared about the connections between the opposition parties. They should either stop claiming they will win in 175 constituencies or stop questioning JanaSena and TDP about alliance. Doing both doesn’t make much sense.