Why Is KCR So Scared of Revanth Reddy TelanganaTelangana TDP is on ventilator post the state bifurcation and suffered a death blow with the Cash for Vote scam. There is no chance of revival in near future. With Cash for vote, the lone voice in TDP (TS) is supressed. But even then, Telangana Chief Minister, K Chandrasekhara Rao is not comfortable with Revanth Reddy.

We have seen the government finding innovative ways to suspend Revanth Reddy from the Assembly and the other day, he was not allowed to go to KCR’s native village, Chintamadaka to meet the family of a female farmer who committed suicide. Revanth was stalled twice by the Police and TRS cadre.

Finally, they did not let him go to the village but brought the family to the outskirts so that the TDP (TS) Working President can meet. One could not understand why the government is so scared of Revanth Reddy even though he and TDP (TS) are at the lowest points.

In all the cases Telangana government has got him the much-needed media space which otherwise is difficult for TDP (TS). Is Revanth Reddy a threat to TRS even at his lowest point? Is KCR suspecting a revival of TDP (TS) even though the cadre themselves is not sure?