Why-is-Jagan--Fearing-ElectionsRajya Sabha Elections in Andhra Pradesh concluded. Ruling YSR Congress Party won all the four seats comfortably thanks to its brute majority in the State Assembly. Four Invalid Votes were cast in the election. While the details of one invalid vote are not known, the rest three were cast by TDP Rebel MLAs.

Vallabhaneni Vamsi, Maddali Giri, and Karanam Balram cast the invalid so that the whip given by the TDP party is not violated and they need not face disqualification which means a by-election. Interestingly, these MLAs have attended the Rajya Sabha Voting Training Camp led by Vijay Sai Reddy a day before the polling.

It is evident that the invalid votes were cast so that their votes do not go to the TDP candidate and at the same time, the disqualification is avoided. That means YSR Congress Leadership is clearly not ready to face the by-election. For a party that came to power with 151 Seats and claims to have fulfilled 90% of its electoral promises, this is really surprising.

Going for the by-election and winning comfortably would mean reasserting his grip on the state politics and also crushing the morale of the Opposition. But Jagan was not ready for that. Does that mean did YS Jagan have specific indications or reports of people not being happy with his rule?