Why Is Jagan Buttering Modi All Of Sudden?Prime Minister Narendra Modi has visited Vishakapatnam to inaugurate some central projects. The state government and the ruling party have made never-before arrangements to please the Minister.

YSR Congress has appointed in charges to every assembly segment to congregate people for the Prime Minister’s meeting and Vijayasai Reddy was appointed to oversee all the arrangements.

Three Lakh people congregated for the meeting while the BJP state unit remained a non-starter like always.

And then, Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was buttering the Prime Minister in his speech as well.

“Our association with the Central Government is beyond politics. We have no agenda other than the interests of the state. People will remember the love you show with a big heart,” the Chief Minister said.

There is a discussion in political circles about why the Chief Minister is buttering Prime Minister Narendra Modi all of a sudden.

“All this is to save the skin in the CBI and ED cases. Jagan is also trying to prevent BJP going to joining the TDP – Janasena alliance if that comes there. Jagan wants BJP to support YSR Congress behind the scenes like how it did in the 2019 elections,” the Opposition says.