Why is Congress adamant in T-issue?

Anti-Government wave is blowing heavily across the nation and Political analysts says a change of Government is on cards. Every body are of the common notion that congress is going to record its lowest ever tally in 2014. However, Congress’ special interest in Telangana issue is wondering every one. Even with the issue on their side, the Congress at most can take 10 seats from Andhra Pradesh. These 10 seats will not make any difference to their over all performance.

Also these 10 seats will come at the cost of total killing of the party in Seema Andhra region.So why is Congress so adamant? Sources in the government say the Congress think tank has other plans. According to the recent survey of Times Now and Cvoter, 215 seats are expected for NDA, 100 for UPA and a whopping 200+ for others. And Congress is sensing an outside chance of forming government with regional parties. Congress do not mind even if they have to agree for a Prime Minister candidate from regional parties. They wanted to keep Modi at bay since his coming to power will prove detrimental for Rahul Gandhi’s political future. So, they are adamant in T-issue which can bring them a handful of seats.