KCR-Dubbaka-BypollFor any government which is elected for the second time, anti-incumbency is most likely to set-in in the second term. Is it happening with TRS as well? There are speculations as such. The handling of the COVID crisis and the recent floods in Hyderabad brought the Government under the scanner.

The city voters are clearly disgruntled and there are worries in the Car camp about the upcoming GHMC elections. But then, for a political landscape in India, the mood of the Rural voters is crucial as they form the major chunk of the electorate.

Dubbaka bypoll result will exactly showcase the same. BJP seems to be the dark horse in this election and if it can pull off a blinder, there will be rapid changes in Telangana Politics. The way the Ruling party is reacting to the BJP indicates that something is not clearly right.

TRS will need nothing less than a very comfortable majority to steady the ship. Any loss or consolidatory win will have huge repercussions. In such a case, it may even lose the GHMC elections. Meanwhile, Principal Opposition Party, Congress should pull up its socks or they will disappear from the race from one more state.