Why Different Yardsticks For Bharathi And Bhuvaneshwari?Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is worried about the Opposition naming his wife Bharathi in Delhi Liquor Scam. He has mentioned it in the cabinet and in the meeting of social media wing leaders this week.

He fired on the leaders for not defending his wife effectively and threatened them with consequences. While the Chief Minister revealed the ocean of love for his wife, the question remains if the same yardstick does not apply to others.

YSR Congress leaders and ministers are up to character assassinating Chandrababus’s wife Bhuvaneshwari and Lokesh’s wife Brahmani. At least Bharathi is related to politics but both Bhuvaneshwari and Brahmani are completely away.

For those who do not know, Bharathi is one of the accused in a couple of Jagan’s disproportionate assets cases. She is also actively involved in the day-to-day affairs at Sakshi. We have seen her making political allegations previously during election campaigns.

Bhuvaneshwari and Brahmani did not do that ever. Jagan should stop his own men before expecting the same for himself.