Kamma-Community-Bandla-Ganesh-JaganThe chief minister of Andhra Pradesh spoke at length about Amaravati in yesterday’s assembly session. He went on about why the YCP government doesn’t see Amaravati as the right capital. He even took indirect potshots at the ‘Kamma’ community.

Jagan stated “We can’t spend Rs 2 lakh crores on developing one region. How can your people(TDP people) be all over the dairy industry, educational institutions, chit funds, pickle industry, and the film industry?

Now a voice clipping which is being propagated as Bandla Ganesh’s work is circulating on social media. In the clipping, we hear “Yes we Kamma people make the most of the resources. The industries we are associated with are fruitful to the public. What’s wrong in it? liquor mafia, mining mafia are the real menace. What will you gain by crying on us.”

While we can’t validate if the voice is actually Bandla Ganesh’s, but it does sound like his. In the video we also hear that “Kamma people are ready to help you out if you wish to work in any of the aforementioned industries. Take us as an inspiration. Don’t cry on us.” Netizens are commenting that this is Bandla’s counter to Jagan’s comment in the assembly yesterday.