Why CBI Objected Jagan's Paris Tour?The CBI has objected to the visit of Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan to Paris. CM Jagan sought the CBI court permission for daughter to attend college graduation.

CBI officials have filed a counter-affidavit on Monday. CBI officials told the court that Jagan should not be allowed to go to Paris.

They informed the court that Jagan was going abroad for various reasons and if allowed, there would be a delay in the trial of the cases.

The court is yet to give judgement in this issue.

But everyone is surprised because Jagan is not attending the court anyway. But there is a technical reason for it.

Jagan is out on bail, any investigating agency will naturally oppose the foreign tours.

Also, Jagan is not given an exemption from attending the court hearings.

He is filing petitions every week and is getting the permission of the court.

That means technically Jagan did not have permission to skip the court next week and he should be attending.

So, CBI should assume that Jagan is attending the court next week and his Paris Tour means delaying the court proceedings.

Just like how it is every week, the Chief Minister is likely to get the court permission to go to Paris.