KCR CBN piyush goshalIf the buzz in political circles is to be believed, BJP high command had entered the fray to silence the ongoing Cash for Vote fiasco in Telangana. Reports are emerging that Telangana government is gearing up to pin down Chandrababu himself in the case which is likely to create law and order issues in AP and Telangana.Union Minister Piyush Goyal came to Hyderabad on Thursday and met Chandrababu Naidu in his residence for Breakfast and later met Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao for Lunch.

Piyush’s visit is totally unplanned and they say he is sent to broker peace between Naidu and KCR. The big question is why BJP is so interested in this issues. Firstly, TDP is an ally of BJP and the cash for vote fiasco happened for a common candidate’s win. Any damage to Chandrababu will also affect the central government’s image.

At the same time, if the sting operation politics is easily let off, it will lead to dreadful situation where governments will deal their opposition with iron fist which will create law and order problems. And so BJP wants to solve it peacefully. On the other side, this is the biggest opportunity for KCR to hit his Andhra Pradesh counterpart. We have to see if he relents and obliges to BJP’s word on this issue. Cash for Vote fiasco had already changed the political atmosphere in both the states significantly.