Andhra Pradesh -Supreme Court - YS JaganWe can safely assume that the Andhra Pradesh Government is self-humiliating itself. Andhra Pradesh Government has approached the Supreme Court over the Party Colours to Government Buildings in the state. Earlier, the High Court had given two adverse judgments on the same issue while the Supreme Court has given once.

Even then, the Government had the audacity to approach the Supreme Court once again, only to get rapped. The Apex court asked the Government to take down the colors resembling YSR Congress colors in four weeks. “If not removed, you will have to face the contempt of the court,” the Supreme Court clarified.

The Court asked why the Government brought another G.O. when the court struck down the earlier G.O. Earlier, the High Court also initiated contempt of the court proceedings on the Government in the same issue. It is surprising how the Government even thought of getting away in the courts on this issue.

The Government spent close to 1,500 Crore for these paintings and now, more funds are needed to white-wash the buildings. This means huge public funds have gone the drain.