difference between chandrababu naidu ys jaganAndhra Pradesh voted for experienced Chandrababu in the last elections. Only some districts of Rayalaseema and South Coastal districts voted in favour of Jagan. But the opposition leader is struggling day by day even to justify the faith imposed by people in those areas.

we have seen him opposing Pattiseema project which was aimed to bring water for Rayalaseema. Jagan just blindly opposed the project even though it does good to people there. Further example is Nellore district which was being lashed by heavy rains in the last few days.

It took more than a week for Jagan to tour Nellore when people are suffering while the Chief Minister is camping there and rushing the ministers and officials to work round the clock to restore the normalcy. Even after the late arrival, Jagan as usual confined only to playing politics by mudslinging on the government. It is interesting to note that local YSR Congress MLAs also ignored the people in the crisis for the only reason any work may get the credit for the ruling party.