Why Andhra Pradesh High Court issued Notices to 49 YSRCP Social Media ActivistsAndhra Pradesh High Court has taken suo-moto of the abuse of the Judiciary system in Social Media. After back to back adverse judgments against the Government, these people have cast aspirations against the judges calling them names. The court had issued notices to forty-nine of them.

There is a discussion about how and why this case is so serious. YSR Congress supporters are defending their friends by quoting a judgment of the Supreme Court which says criticizing judgment of a court is not a crime. They say this case will fall flat for sure.

But Legal experts say that they may be wrong. “You can always question and differ with judgment if you think it is unfair. You can have any opinion of a judgment. But then, you can not question or undermine the integrity of a judge or the judicial system. The former is a right while the latter is a crime,” they say.

“Many of the accused have cast aspirations to judges. Some have abused and some have threatened the judges for adverse judgments against YSR Congress Government. This is a serious issue and may have dire consequences as letting them go free may set a bad precedent. It is better they admit the mistake and plead to let go with a warning. The court may agree since many are young and immature to understand the consequences.,” they add.