Who Will Win the Hearts and Votes of Kapu Community Andhra PradeshKapu Community has become a significant chunk of Votebase in Andhra Pradesh post the State Bifurcation. They are the deciding force, particularly in Godavari Districts. They rallied with TDP in 2014 elections but now for 2019, all the parties are looking for their votes.

TDP wants to have a repeat of 2014 and is trying to get closer to them with Kapu Corporation and Reservations. Pawan Kalyan even though announced himself as devoid of caste will be looking at the community if his political career has to flourish.
YSR Congress is treading carefully on Kapu Reservations issue as it may provoke the BCs but they would definitely want the votes of the community. On the other side, BJP which is hoping to become a significant force in AP Politics is also looking at Kapu Votes.

BJP will be naming a Person from Kapu Community as the State President for their votes. So all the parties are looking at the community and it has to be seen who will finally manage to get their votes in 2019 elections. 2019 Elections are going to be very interesting.