Who Will Take The Pawan Kalyan Blow?One more survey the last week has given 2% Votebank to Janasena Party in Godavari districts and less than 1% in Rayalaseema. The survey said Pawan Kalyan may bag a seat or two in Godavari districts and will also decide on the fate of the candidates of the other parties. Now the question is which party will take the blow.

Pawan Kalyan is currently on a rampage on the ruling Telugu Desam Party and for some reason is sparing the Opposition YSR Congress Party. There are two different versions about the effect of Pawan Kalyan but they only add to the confusion. One version is that Pawan Kalyan will take away the Kapu Community which rallied along with TDP in the last elections.

Since Kapu community did not vote for YSR Congress last time, they may be on the safer side. The other version says that the more Pawan Kalyan takes on the government, he is only eating away the anti-government vote that should be normally Jagan’s and will be benefitting the Ruling Party. In a way, both the versions look convincing.

As far as Pawan Kalyan is concerned, he will be definitely unhappy with this Single digit numbers but then election results will all depend on the candidates’ selection to electioneering the day before the elections. So, Pawan Kalyan can still hope of becoming the King or the Kingmaker by the time of the elections.