Jagan-IPACA Government has a distinct structure as prescribed by the constitution. We have a Governor, a Chief Minister, a cabinet, and a vast administration from the Secretariat level to the village level to run the state.

The decisions at various levels of the Government as per their importance. But in the case of Andhra Pradesh, it is different. Prashant Kishor’s I-PAC seems to be running the Government as per this story published in Eenadu today.

Engineers in the R&B department have given a report to the government about the condition of the roads in the state. They have suggested an order of importance that should be followed to repair roads in the state.

Scientific analysis is done to arrive at this order. But then, the order is completely set aside and I-PAC has given a new list to the Government.

The list contains the names of roads that should be repaired on priority to lessen the public’s anger ahead of the elections. I-PAC had sent a list of 875 roads in 175 constituencies that needed urgent repairs.

It is a relief that some roads or other will get repaired but the tragedy is outsiders calling shots at a Government.