narendra-modi-targets-gold-reserves-after-black-moneyPrime Minister Narendra Modi had unleashed a war on Black Money. After bringing in Voluntary Income Declaration Scheme, he announced the radical decision to demonetize 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes. The Prime Minister also announced more measures coming up from the next year to arrest Corruption.

This brings us to the question who is going to be the next target of Modi. The next biggest form of hoarding Black Money is obviously Gold. The government has to take up massive raids to unearth wealth stashed in Gold. But then it is often risky because Gold has a deep attachment to the people from ages and touching that will have political implications.

There can be also raids on Real estate People where the majority of transactions run on Black Money. But then more than the domestic Black Money, people are looking at Modi to target Political Corruption and the wealth stashed in Abroad Banks. 2017 will be very interesting by all means.