Who Is Behind Sharmila's National Media Coverage?Sharmila’s YSR Telangana Party has suddenly become active in the last few days. It all started with the allegations of some TRS cadre attacking her Padayatra.

Later, we have seen police towing her car with her inside when she tried to stage a protest at Pragathi Bhavan.

The issue ensured solidarity from the Governor and even the Prime Minister to Sharmila. Later Telangana Police rejected permission for her Padayatra and then, she is on a fast in protest and is now admitted to the hospital.

Suddenly, we can see so much activity in Sharmila’s camp in recent years. National media particularly Republic TV is giving so much coverage for YSRTP these days.

TRS supporters are saying that BJP is pushing Sharmila to defame the KCR government and that is evident by the Governor and Modi’s solidarity. “Republic TV – the mouthpiece of BJP giving extensive coverage to Sharmila is the indication,” they say.

Meanwhile, BJP supporters say TRS is trying to cut the anti-government votes in all possible ways using Sharmila.

There is a general perception is YSRTP may have subscribed to a PR campaign by National Channels to make an impression of a happening party.