Who is behind the deaths in Rajaiah's house?The mysterious deaths of Rajaiah’s daughter in law, Sarika and her three children in former MP’s house is likely to have some clarity today as the Post Mortem report arrives. This can not be a fire accident they say as the victims did not try to run all around the house or scream when the gas leak and fire happened.

Even the family members testify that they did not hear any screaming. Sarika’s body was on the bed stead indicating that she may be killed even before the fire took off. The main suspects are Sarika’s husband, Anil and his second wife, Sana.

Many suspect Rajaiah but one would wonder why he would do that just before his nomination day which can prove to be futile for his political career. Even a murder for sympathy is also not on cards as the rifts within the family is known to every one.