Atchannaidu LeaksAtchannaidu is the AP TDP President. He hails from the BC community and his family since Yerrannaidu is loyalist to Telugu Desam Party. After Yerrannaidu’s demise, Chandrababu gave equal importance to Atchannaidu too.

Since Yerrannaidu’s days, a seat in the Politburo, the highest decision-making body of TDP is reserved for their family.

From that family, we have Ram Mohan Naidu and Adireddy Bhavani as MP and MLA.

But then, Atchannaidu is proving to be a liability in recent times.

We have seen phone conversations of Atchannaidu leak on social media on two occasions so far bringing disrepute to the party for no reason. Even though it is evident that he has no intention to damage the party, it is happening.

It is a shock that phone conversations of a high-profile leader like Atchannaidu are leaking so casually.

These leaks have become fodder for the YSR Congress Social media wing.

Then we have his controversial remarks on the Police department recently.

Atchannaidu was arrested in 2019 in the ESI scam. He used to be very vocal in the state assembly and had to face jail as a result. Even though there are no doubts about his loyalty, these incidents are troubling the party for sure.