Ambati Rambabu Sattenapalli MLA, Ambati Rambabu found himself in the middle of another controversy. A phone call with a woman has leaked on social media with clearly showing his number mentioned in his election affidavit. Ambati has condemned it and says it is a conspiracy against him.

Rambabu found himself in a similar controversy in 2011. This has come at the time when Jagan Mohan Reddy is contemplating shuffling his cabinet. Ambati Rambabu should be an easy pick given his services to the party in the opposition. Now, there are doubts all over.

Meanwhile, Ambati’s followers allege that this is the job of someone within the party. Those in opposition will not have the courage to do that, they say. Moreover, if the opposition did that, it would have been out in the media. But it has come out in the social media indicating the job of an insider, they allege.

Who can be that? – naturally, the doubts will be on the other cabinet aspirants of Guntur district or competitors for the Sattenapally ticket or the cabinet aspirants of his own community. Meanwhile, Ambati Rambabu is under severe stress with constant trolls on social media.