Who Got Nagababu's Interview Promo Removed?Mega Brother Nagababu suddenly became active on Social Media. It all started with a counter on Nandamuri Balakrishna and extended to starting a series called ‘Naa Ishtam’ in which he is throwing satires on bloopers of Politicians of other parties. While trying to promote Janasena, Nagababu is obviously kindling other politicians.

Such videos are getting huge patronage from Mega fans and that motivates him to do more. Plus, he is making huge money through Youtube Revenues, we are told. But then, one interview by a Web Channel put him in a spot of bother. The Anchor seems to have done his homework better and fielded several uncomfortable questions.

When asked about the Tongue Slips of Pawan Kalyan and his assertion of taking the Corrupt into the Party, Nagababu tried to evade the question saying that he did not see the video. For the attack on TDP and all, Nagababu tried to take a shield with the issue of Sri Reddy and Jagan’s comments about Pawan Kalyan’s Personal Life.

He struggled to answer when the anchor reminded him how Pawan Kalyan mocked Rajasekhar’s stammering Problem and following his wife in everything. Nagababu just said it is justified because they provoked him. Everything is fine but the interview Promo was suddenly removed from the Youtube all of sudden. Probably someone thought it would do more bad if the full video is out.