Who Gave That Information To KCR?CM KCR made interesting remarks on the decision of lockdown relaxation. He went on to say if the corona (third wave) arrives, it will come only after October and not anytime sooner. “The lockdown was lifted in view of the plight of the poor. There is no Corona in half of the districts,” the Chief Minister said.

“The decision was taken after discussions with the medical officers. COVID cases did not increase despite the 6 am to 6 pm relaxation. We took the decision after discussing everything. This is a Pro-poor decision. Still, there are people who criticize the decision,” he added.

The Chief Minister also added that he only took Paracetamol when he was infected. The Chief Minister who made such casual comments last year before the pandemic made similar comments once again. But that has invited a lot of criticism in social media.

“Did the Corona tell the Chief Minister that it will not come before October? If Paracetamol is enough, are people who had to spend all their savings are mad? These are very irresponsible comments,” they criticize.