Chiranjeevi Pawan KalyanMegastar Chiranjeevi has given an interview to a Newspaper ahead of his Waltair Veerayya release. He made an emotional comment about Pawan Kalyan and his politics.

“I and Surekha are like parents to him. He does not have an iota of selfishness. He is not interested in money or posts. He only brought his own house recently. He does not eat on time or dress properly. He always wants to do something for society,” Chiranjeevi said.

“He entered a dirt hole like politics and is looking to cleanse it. We should support him but it pains when they abuse him. Moreover, the same people come to me and request me to attend functions in their houses. It hurts me more to talk and meet such people,” Chiranjeevi added.

Chiranjeevi obviously is referring to YSR Congress leaders. From Jagan to the ministers and MLAs, everyone is competing with each other to abuse Pawan Kalyan.

If we look at such functions when Chiranjeevi attended, he went to Machilipatnam MP Balasouri’s son’s wedding, Botsa Satyanarayana’s son’s engagement ceremony, etc.

Roja went to Chiranjeevi’s house with her family after becoming a minister and took the Megastar’s blessings.

Chiranjeevi also attended Ali’s daughter’s wedding too. Ali joined YSR Congress just before the 2019 elections and also got a nominated post recently. Pawan Kalyan skipped this marriage.