Dear KTR, Your Hard-Earned Image is At StakeTelangana Minister K Taraka Ramarao debunked misleading propaganda of the State BJP Leaders but in the process, the minister also scored a self-goal for himself. Telangana BJP President Bandi Sanjay has been claiming that the Center gave 7000 Crore to the state to tackle COVID Crisis.

He also alleged that the funds were misused and diverted. KTR posted a reply to the Government of India in the Parliament regarding the same. To the Question asked by Sanjay himself, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said the center had released only 290 Crore towards the same.

In the same Answer posted by KTR, the Center said that Telangana is testing around 426 tests per million population per day which is low when compared to the national average of 683 tests per million population per day (for the period 9th – 15th September).

While scoring political points over the opponents, KTR should also learn the need to ramp up the testing to tackle the pandemic. The state government is widely criticized for low testing, underreporting of the case & deaths, and for the failure of reining the Private hospitals’ mafia.