While Amaravati Farmers Hit Roads, Pawan Kalyan on A HolidayEver since the announcement of the Three Capitals formula, that has become a point of discussion everywhere and there is a mixed reaction from the public. The people from the districts that are going to be benefitted from this idea are hopeful that it will change their fate even though experts are expressing their apprehensions over sustainability.

Meanwhile, the future of Amaravati farmers is in doldrums and they have hit the roads demanding that the Government should retract its decision. Janasena President Pawan Kalyan who opposed the announcement immediately after it came is totally missing from the scene.

He just disappeared releasing a Press Note that they would wait for the Cabinet Decision. Former Janasena Spokesperson and the current YSR Congress Leader, Addepalli Sridhar alleges that Pawan Kalyan is on a vacation in Russia. “He is a non-serious politician and we need not care for him. After instigating the farmers, he just tweeting from Russia,” Sridhar alleged.

It is known to our readers that Pawan Kalyan extensively toured the Capital villages during Chandrababu Naidu regime when there are rumors about the Land Acquisition.