which-is-the-winning-horse-tdp-chandrababu-naidu-vs-ysr-congress-ys-jagan-vs-janasena-pawan-kalyanThe Schedule for General Elections and AP Assembly Elections is likely to come in the first week of March. The election in Andhra Pradesh is looking wide open at this stage. YSR Congress aggressively poached some TDP MLAs while TDP made quick strides by showering sops on the people. Janasena at this point is looking clueless but no one can write it off totally.

Usually, an election is decided by the movement of Jump Jilanis as they move towards green pastures. YSR Congress poached some MLAs and MPs of TDP while the Ruling Party is admitting some senior leaders into the party like Kotla Surya Prakash Reddy, Gouru Family, Kishore Chandra Deo, Sunil Chalamalasetty and others.

Leaders like Sabham Hari, Konathala Ramakrishna are in line to join TDP. Interestingly, most of the leaders were offered tickets by Jagan as well but they chose to lean towards TDP. Meda Mallikarjuna Reddy and Amanchi Krishna Mohan were the only prominent leaders who left TDP. Both of them have their own reasons for quitting the party.

Killi Krupa Rani, Daggubati Chanchu Ram also have reasons beyond the favorite party in joining the YSR Congress. Strong Leaders like Thota Trimurthulu assessed the situation and dropped the plans of joining the YSR Congress. As it appears today, TDP is favorite with the Jump Jilanis. Leaders like Kotla and Kishore Chandra Deo can easily sense in which direction the wind is blowing.

The situation of Janasena is that it can not even attract someone like Ali who is very close to Pawan Kalyan. However, it looks like YSR Congress is more confident than TDP. But then, an election is about several other things beyond confidence. Jagan has to do a lot of catching up if he has to pull out a blinder here.