Where Is Revised Ticket Prices G.O.?There have been reports in some media channels that Andhra Pradesh Government will be giving the Ticket Prices hike G.O. today (Monday). Some analyzed the movie as Jagan’s effort to whitewash his image saying that he is not after Pawan Kalyan.

But then, the G.O. did not come. There is a lot of confusion regarding what is happening. The first thing is that no one is sure if the reports are true in the first place.

Those who believed the reports to be true, it is not clear if the G.O. got stopped due to Pawan Kalyan‘s Narasapuram speech or due to Minister Mekapati Goutham Reddy’s sudden demise. Usually, releasing a G.O. is a routine administrative task and should not be impacted.

So, the trade of Bheemla Nayak and Pawan Kalyan fans are anxious about what is happening. Meanwhile, in Nizam, Single Screens are charging ₹175 and Multiplexes ₹295. The prices are at least three times more than AP at current rates.