When Jagan Can Pay More, Why Chandrababu for Pawan Kalyan?YSR Congress is equally angry on Pawan Kalyan as on Chandrababu Naidu. Probably, they still could not digest the fact that Pawan Kalyan supported TDP in 2014 and kept them away from power for another five years. YSR Congress leaders often try to nullify the effect of Pawan Kalyan by calling him a Paid Artist to Chandrababu.

The Party’s General Secretary, MP Vijaya Sai Reddy went a step ahead and said he thoroughly enjoyed the acting skills of Pawan Kalyan in Amaravati. “The way the paid artist performed before the farmers of Amaravati, I feel he deserves an increase in remuneration from the TDP leadership,” he tweeted.

Pawan Kalyan was and is the highest-paid actor when it comes to the films but YSR Congress feels that his remuneration is not justified. Meanwhile, Pawan Kalyan should come up with some plan to erase this allegation of a paid artist or he should forget about becoming politically significant.

“If Pawan Kalyan takes money to act in Politics, Who can pay better than the A1 and A2 of One Lakh Crore Scams,” Pawan Kalyan fans ridicule