WhatsApp Viral: Virus May Kill One in ThreeJust when you think the third wave is slowing down and things are getting back to normal, a special whats app forward about a new variant of Covid 19 has created stutters among the people all over. The media is also giving it good hype as well.

The scientists from China’s Wuhan have warned of a new type of coronavirus called ‘NeoCov’ detected in South Africa. This variant is stated to have a high death and transmission rate and one in three if get affected may die.

Within no time, this news is being forwarded on What’s Apps and has scared the hell out. While NeoCoV was discovered in a bat population in South Africa, a new study published on the bioRxiv website reveals that NeoCoV and its close relative PDF-2180-CoV can infect humans.

Already millions of people have lost their lives due to Covid and these variants have put everyone on the edge. But Indian experts say it is not a new variant of Covid-19 like omicron or delta but it’s another type of coronavirus detected in 2012, found in bats & no human transmission reports.

So, going by these reports one can understand this is an unnecessary panic spreading on WhatsApp.

But seeing the current Covid situation, no one knows with everything that’s going around and anything can happen as new variants are becoming new normal.