What next for Telangana Bill?
The Andhra Pradesh Reorganization bill will be tabled in the lower house of the Parliament, Lok Sabha tomorrow. The house has high number of Seema Andhra MPs compared to Rajya Sabha and it will face stiff resistance from them. There is a talk that the bill will be just tabled in Lok Sabha today and will come up for discussion only after 18th. The Lok Sabha will finish vote on account budget discussion by then.

Government is planning to suspend Seema Andhra MPs in case the house can not proceed. Provided BJP lend its support, the bill passing will be a cake walk.Since the bill is a financial kind, Rajya Sabha will not have a chance to reject it. The upper house will discuss it and even if it does not pass the bill. The bill after 14 days in Rajya Sabha is said to have passed and it will be sent to the President. Once the first citizen had his stamp on it then Telangana state will be a reality.