Vijaysai Reddy Playing Mind Games with TDP in Vishakapatnam?Vishakapatnam is on a boil due to the bandh call given against the decision of Privatization of Vishaka Steel Plant. The entire state has voluntarily supported the bandh call. YSR Congress Rajya Sabha MP Vijaysai Reddy tried to proactively participate in the bandh but then had to face some uncomfortable questions.

One CITU leader has demanded that the state government cancel its MOU with POSCO. Vijaysai Reddy repeatedly tried to make him say it is not the Jagan Government which did the MOU but the former repeatedly said the current government should cancel it.

Vijaysai Reddy moved away and impatiently said he should not try to display the power he does not have.

A media person asked Vijaysai Reddy about the demand of resignation of all YSR Congress MPs. He questioned back what is the use of Resignations. The media person reminded how resignations were used in Telangana movement. But Vijaysai Reddy mentioned that Eswar (the person who questioned) would disappear after the resignations.