YS Sharmila - KCREver since YS Sharmila had announced her political entry into Telangana politics, there have been allegations that her party is intended to break the anti-incumbency vote and favor TRS. Accordingly, Sharmila has been very vocal about TRS Government and has been criticizing KCR on every stage.

Earlier today quoting a newspaper report she questioned how the COVID-19 vaccines are easily available for Private hospitals when the Government is having no supply. “Are you not concerned about lives of the people? Are you tempted for commissions? Is This the way to decrease the free vaccines burden?” she asked.

Leaving aside the questions or the reasoning behind them, this statement of Sharmila will not evoke any response from KCR or TRS party leaders. Months after announcing her foray into Telangana politics, KCR is yet to respond about Sharmila and her new party in the public.

There have been discussions on social media about what could be the understanding between KCR and Sharmila.