Telangana Joint Action Committee headed by Prof. Kodanda Ram played an active role in the Telangana state formation. T-JAC took the Telangana movement to grass root level and is one of the main reasons behind the success of the movement. JAC members took long leave from their jobs and worked for the Telangana dream. With Telangana becoming a reality, what is the next destination of T-JAC?

“T-JAC will not be turning in to a Political Party. However we will not say it is wrong for few members to have political aspirations. Political Parties who benefited from Telangana agitation should accommodate them”, said T-JAC Chairman, Kodanda Ram. Several T-JAC members are eyeing few MLA seats from TRS party. However it will be difficult to TRS to accommodate them as there is big waiting list for every seat in Telangana. If T-JAC members decide to contest from other parties, Telangana mandate is bound to divide as several T-JAC members have personal image among the people.